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Vertigo – Seeing Straight with Functional Medicine

September 26, 2019 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Vertigo – Seeing Straight with Functional Medicine

Many people describe vertigo as a fear of heights, but that fear, caused by the inability to perceive vertical dimensions, is called acrophobia. Vertigo, on the other hand, is not a fear-based response, but rather, a symptomatic response to a disorder existing within the inner ear, brain, or sensory nerve pathways of the nervous system. (The symptom of one such disorder can be described as the feeling of spinning when one is not in motion, which can cause lightheadedness, a dizzy sensation, nausea, and tinnitus.)

The symptoms of many inner ear disorders, referred to as vestibular vertigo, are caused by inflammation or infection of the balance centers of the inner ear.

Please join us for Seeing Straight with Functional Medicine on Thursday, September 26th and time] to find out how to treat vestibular vertigo naturally with home remedies and symptom-relieving exercises!

What to Expect from this Facebook Class

We will be discussing the most common causes of vertigo as well as some treatments to help get relief from the disorder and its symptoms including:
  • – Spinning sensation
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Feeling of disequilibrium
  • Loss of hearing

Vestibular vertigo can come on suddenly and last a few minutes, or the effects can be long-term depending on the level of inflammation or infection within the inner ear. As such, we will be exploring the four most diagnosed inner ear disorders including what causes them, what the symptoms are, and what natural options exist for treatment.

Whether it be dietary changes, or simple exercise maneuvers to relieve symptoms, guests will walk away from this Facebook class with a broader knowledge of vertigo and be prepared with tools to help cure the disorder causing vertigo and/or to manage the symptoms of the disorder better!

Benefits of Attending

Taking a deliberate aim at your health with a non-intrusive, medicine-free approach is a great way to understand your condition better to be able to treat it in a way that is best suited to your needs. Even if the severity of your condition requires medication, or in some cases surgery, the treatments we recommend can be used to complement other practices.

Making dietary changes is always a great first line of defense for healing inflammation and infection, and by making these changes, you get to play an active role in your healing.

This Facebook class is a great opportunity for those seeking to understand better how to provide natural relief from the disorders causing vertigo and its accompanying symptoms.

Can’t Wait To Share With You On Thursday, September 26th At 6:00 pm AKDT!


September 26, 2019
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
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Valley Chiropractic
Dr. Jason Nardi

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