How to put the breaks on cellular aging!

Can we slow down the aging process?

Autophagy: It’s a word you will hear a lot about in the future? It basically means “self-eating”, kind of a cellular self -cannibalism. It’s how your body cleanses itself of cellular debris and then recycles materials to make more resilient cells. For example, we have anywhere from 100-2000 mitochondria in each cells. When they begin to function poorly, signals are sent to cannibalize and re-purpose raw materials to make stronger, more efficient mitochondria.
Some research says we can! Through the process of autophagy, or self-eating, we can help slow down aging by cleaning up cellular debris. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is through internment fasting – basically taking a set amount of time off from eating. This act tricks our body into thinking you’re starving. During the that time our bodies will break down dead and older cells about to die in order to make energy. This process helps get rid of dead-weight and allows the body to the ability to make newer, stronger cells. Aging perhaps is just the body’s inability to turn-over and recycle this cellular debris. Learn more about how Canopy can help you learn more!

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