The Mysteries of the Thyroid

Get to know your thyroid!

The thyroid plays numerous functions in the health of the body. You may be familiar with the thyroid gland in relation to hypothyroidism, but how much do you really know about what the gland actually does?

Some of you may know where it’s located, but do you know what other organs work with the thyroid? Do you know the role the thyroid plays in maintaining health?

If you want answers, I  hope you enjoy The Mysteries Of The Thyroid. My goal is to help viewers gain a better understanding of the functions of the thyroid and how to support thyroid health.

During this webinar, I  discuss the various functions of the thyroid, explain where in the body it’s located, what system it belongs to, and what other glands support its purpose. I also share natural tips for improving and maintaining the health of your thyroid.