Alzheimer's Disease

Understanding Alzheimer’s

This is a great article the was written by functional neurologist, Dr. Jessica Gundelfinger.

Understanding Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer-disease-patientsFor more that 5 million Americans, every day is a battle trying to remember the names and faces of their loved ones or even trying to remember if they had eaten that day. Alzheimer’s disease is a fatal disease that robs individuals of their ability to not only remember, but to think, reason and understand. It is estimated by the year 2050 more than 15 million Americans will suffer from the disease. There is no known cure, but there is a possibility that healthy lifestyle habits might give hope towards the prevention of the disease.

A Build Up in Brain

In Alzheimer’s disease, shrinkage of the brain occurs causing a loss of vital connections necessary for life. Overall, this shrinkage is caused by a buildup of fluid in the brain leading to an increase in pressure. This fluid bathes the brain in vital nutrients and is known as cerebrospinal fluid or CSF for short. In Alzheimer’s patients, CSF also carries abnormal proteins that stick together causing plaques and block the path for the fluid to go. It was originally believed the plaques caused a slowing down of flow. Recent research in laboratory mice has found CSF slows before just enough to let to allow the proteins accumulate and join to together.

CSF flow and Chiropractic

The alignment of a very important area of the spine has demonstrated to not only assist in proper CSF flow, but a misalignment of there has been linked to numerous neurological and health problems. The first two vertebrae in the neck, the Atlas(C1) and the Axis(C2) are unlike any other bones in the spine. It is in this region of the spine where the spinal cord starts to enlarge and become the brain stem. Additionally, many vessels important to circulation flow through this region. According to a recent study conducted in Italy, persons suffering due to problems with proper CSF flow were two to three-time more likely to have some sort of dysfunction in the Atlas/Axis spinal joint.

Specific upper cervical chiropractic care focuses on the proper restoration of this region. In another study conducted in Italy, a statistically significant amount of patients suffering from CSF flow problems experienced improvement in their neurological and health issues while undergoing upper cervical chiropractic treatment. More research in this area will follow, but it gives hope that the underlying condition causing many neurological diseases just like Alzheimer’s may be benefited by specific chiropractic care.

Be good to your brain

According to the Alzheimer’s association, adopting healthy lifestyle habits is the key to having a healthy brain. It is never too late to begin on the road towards health. There are 10 Healthy Habits that are a good place to start. When you need more help, consult with a qualified health care professional current with the most recent treatment and information.